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Lenny Schouten

Lenny Schouten

Lenny studied cultural anthropology and Latin American Studies at the University of Utrecht. She conducted a M.Sc. research about sexual violence in the Colombian conflict which inspired her to take writing classes and eventually she wrote the novel “De Wetten van de Stilte” (The Laws of Silence), based on the stories of female victims.

Full of ambition she started working on a documentary, this is how she met Jan van den Berg and drsFILM. Together they work on a documentary about sexual violence in Colombia. The documentary will show the power of women to change this taboos and the struggle they face.

Lenny wants to give voice to people whose voices aren’t heard, the project Silent Land became another passion of her. Moved by the issues of land grabbing and the poising of the world, she became part of the production team in which she uses her writing skills and she is responsible for the publicity, social media and the website of Silent Land.

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