Een film project van drsfilm en stichting the green can


Laura Reijnders


Laura is an entrepreneurial and creative connector in the field of communications. Ever since she was small she wanted to make the world a better place and started with saving the Panda as a ranger at WWF. Over the years her passion broadened into raising awareness for environmental issues and giving people who are marginalized a voice.

In 2012 Laura and filmmaker Jan van den Berg met through the documentary Silent Snow. In a conversation they found that they share a common interest in drawing more attention on the issues of food security and poverty. And so the seed for the project Silent Land was planted. Laura became part of the production team in moving the project forward and is very pleased to see the documentary ‘Silent Land: the fight for fair food’ premiere in October 2016.

Within the project Silent Land Laura looks for new network and funding opportunities. Furthermore, she is coordinating the educational part of the project. The short documentary ‘When Elephants Dance’ was integrated into lessons for the subjects of Biology, Economics and/ or Geography at high schools in the Netherlands. In this project students become aware of issues as landgrabbing and learn that they can make a difference: everybody can vote with their fork!

Silent Land nieuwsbrief

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