Jan van den Berg and the green can foundation


Silent Land

“I will provide jobs for many but if they don’t follow my rules they’re out”
Chairman Mong Reththy in the film

“As small scale farmers we can only survive by working together”
Seng Channeang, main character

“Congratulations. It’s wonderful to have your film at our festival’s 25th year celebration.”
Flo Stone, founder of the Environmental Film Festival Washington

After the premiere in Amsterdam: “I just saw the film and after fighting for the millennium goals for years I felt the urgency of all.”
Hugo von Meijenfeldt, Dutch Foreign Affairs.

“Every scenes is powerful and filmed with love. Like organic farmers produce our food”
Maurits Groen, ambassador for the Silent Film Series

“Respect for the young lady who shares her struggle with us and respect for her antagonist for the way he explains his vision”
Prof. Van den Brink, Royal Agricultural University Wageningen.

“Mother earth has no representatives. Until we’ll realise that we can’t eat money”
Jonathan Karpathios, chef cook in the Film and Food program.

“They call it only small steps. But with thousands of small initiatives we’ll be successful in the end.”
Laura Reijnders, producer and head of the campaign

Silent Snow

“Many thanks for this important work!”
Kathryn Gilje, Pesticide Action Network
New York

“Thank you for the deeply touching and inspiring film. I feel really honored to have watched the movie in Nairobi. The film is very powerful and genuine.”
Negusu Aklilu, Director, Forum for Environment
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“Our warmest congratulations for this great movie. It is very educational and touching.”
Aileen Yap and James Soh
National Youth Achievement Award Council

“Silent Snow is more than a beautifully photographed travelogue. It’s a call to arms in the battle to save our planet.”
Shirrel Rhoades
Solaris Hill, Key West

“With breathtaking images of nature, Golden Calf winner Jan van den Berg emphasizes both the beauty and vulnerability of our world.”
Movies that Matter festival, Den Haag
The Netherlands

“A well meaning and instructive film. A melancholic reminder that environmental treaties only work if everyone complies: if they are spraying DDT somewhere, they are spraying it everywhere.”
Talha Burki
The Lancet Oncology
London, UK

“Thank you to all the Silent Snow crew! Wondeful being able to meet all of you. Incredible people and incredible work”
Jason Glaser
La Isla Foundation

“This beautiful film inspires us all to support organisations which are starting to find a safe alternative to the use of pesticides. We must not continue to poison communities world-wide by the use of these dangerous substances.”
Jean Levin,