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Silent Land: the fight for fair food is the sequel to the successful Silent Snow documentaries, which shined a light on the use of dangerous pesticides and the consequences for our environment and health. In Cambodia, more and more fertile land is taken over by large-scale farming industries while farmer families are fighting to keep the ownership of their land in order to maintain local food security. Who has the sustainable answer to feed the ever-growing world population? Silent Land shows the stories behind this conflict.

In Silent Land you step into the world of young Cambodian farmer Seng Channeang. This courageous young women stands up and fights for land rights. Filmmaker Jan van den Berg has followed her for four years and during these years Jan met the other main character of the documentary: His Excellency Mong Reththy. He is a large landowner and one of the richest men of Cambodia. His Excellency Mong Reththy also dreams of a better future for his country.

The documentary has its premiere on October 11 (2016) in Tuschinski Amsterdam and will then go on tour to many other theaters in the Netherlands and abroad.

Jan van den Berg is the founder of drsFILM, a production company that combines the talent of writers, artists and filmmakers. His films are mostly about human rights and the environment. He won several national and international prizes for his films; a Golden Calf (Deacon of Death, the Nederlands), Golden Snail (Silent Snow short film, Italy), a Golden Key (Bye Jan, France) and a Golden Sun Award (Silent Snow, Spain). For more information: www.drsfilm.tv


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